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Frequently Asked Questions from our Conferencing Clients

Conferencing Call Questions

We are happy to answer some of the most common conference call questions. If you have any questions that relate to conference calls or a related topic, please call or submit a request through our form located here.

  1. Just what is a conference call and how does it work?
    A conference call will enable you and your associates to communicate freely over telephone and network systems. Imagine the flexibility of a virtual board meeting.
  2. What will a conference call allow my enterprise/business to accomplish?
    Conferencing will allow your enterprise to save a substantial amount of money in the form of travel expenses. Executives and management can remotely attend company meetings or provide training sessions over the internet.
  3. Is web conferencing a good solution for my company?
    If you have many remote locations and need to have frequent face-to-face communications with your employees then web conferencing is an excellent solution for you. This will enable management to remotely train their personnel and provide feedback.
  4. Can my users/employees join a department staff meeting from home?
    Most defiantly. Conference calls and more specifically web conferencing will enable employees, managers and company executives to attend meetings from anywhere in the world.
  5. Will they be able to have live video and audio?
    Yes. All that is needed is an internet connection, a web camera and a headset. It’s really that simple.
  6. Can the moderator of the web conference control the session?
    Yes. Different conference call providers offer varying levels of control for the moderator/administrator of a conference. I recommend visiting several providers to find a solutions that fits the needs of your organization.
  7. What controls are there?
    The moderator can generally control all aspects of a conferencing session, this is particularly the case with web conferencing. Web conferencing enables organizations to leverage the power of advanced computer technology with the personality of live video and audio.
  8. Who offers conference calling packages?
    Practically speaking, there is a conference call provider that can meet just about any communication need. Ranging from voice only packages to full web interactive training sessions.
  9. How much do conference calls cost?
    Prices range from 5.5¢ per minute to more than a dollar, depending on need, reputation and options. Many companies allow you to purchase the conferencing systems to install at your location. Installations can include conferencing telephony and internet server software which will enable your organization to host your own web conferencing sessions.

Econo Conferencing

  1. How much will the econo conference cost me to use?
    3.9¢ per person per minute.There is a limit of 250 people per conference.
  2. Do I need an operator to have the econo conference?
    No,The Econo Conference is Resevationless.There is no operator available
  3. Will I be issued a different number everytime I have a conference?
    No, You keep the same number indefinetely.
  4. Will I be issued a different number everytime I use the Econo conference?
    No you will be issued a permanent toll fee number and a moderator ID number and a participate ID number and that will never change. You will also be issued a FREE conference card which you may carry with you to make a conference call anytime anywhere, with anyone.
  5. Is there a different Toll Free number issued for Canada?
    Yes and cost a little more. 16¢ per minute per person.
  6. When can I start conferencing?
    As soon you get your email with your tollfree number and pin codes. Usually within a few hours of signing up.
  7. Is there any monthly minimum to receive those low rates?
    No there is not.
  8. How can I pay my bill?
    We direct bill you are you can pay by credit card. We are quite flexible to meet what is best for you.

Once again, any conference call questions you have that we have not answered. please feel free to call us or to submit a request from here.