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Together Talk ® Video Conferencing

Personal meetings with clients or employees can sometimes be an extremely pricey. With all the expenditures involved in bringing someone physically to the table for a meeting, it just isn’t viable. Affordable Conferencing’s Together Talk ® Video Conferencing Plan is the solution.

We make available a convenient and effective solution to businesses that enables them to cut cost by getting the most out of cutting-edge technologies. Our services make make a more personal meeting easy, even when you’re distances apart. Secure HD quality video conferencing is available. Maximize your video conferencing experience with our audio video conferencing solutions to make your meeting much clearer and every word more definitive.

A Quicker more and much more effective way to host a meeting – Video conferences can be put together at a moment’s notice. When meeting with groups of individuals who are in various geographical locations our conferencing services remove the need for expensive travel by ensuring that you can immediately sit down and discuss important issues.

A cost-effective solution – Hosting traditional meetings with multiple attendees is costly when travel is required. A video conferencing eliminates the expense of travel and continues the flow of communication and the exchange of ideas. High quality audio & video conferencing can provide crystal clear graphics & audio reducing costs to just a fraction of the price of travel.

A better way to share ideas – A video conference is the most effective way to share ideas and continue the communication. These meetings enable attendees to see and
hear one another so that the contact is personal, much more so than a phone call could ever be. Video has all of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting with the bonuses of recording sessions, transcripts, and more.

The solution that provides an option – Affordable Conferencing works hard to deliver the highest quality video conferencing experience provided by the latest innovative technologies. Our video conferencing solutions are designed to enable users to customize their experience. Some features we provide our clients include:

  • multiple presenters
  • poll creation
  • global reach
  • multiple platform support

along with up to 16 simultaneous video streams and more.

Plans & Pricing

6 Cameras | 100 Attendees
as low as
$69 / Month
6 Cameras | 25 Attendees
as low as
$35 / Month
4 Cameras | 10 Attendees
as low as
$14 / Month

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